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Saturday, June 25, 2011

ZWZ Blog: A Powerful Communication Tool

The ZWZ Blog is a powerful communication tool for the important work accomplished by the Zero Waste Zones and auxiliary initiatives.  Over the past months the ZWZ Blog page views began increasing at an accelerated  rate,  In mid June the cumulative page views surpassed 14,000 views from a global audience!  Comments are beginning to come along with the page views - YEA, lively dialogue is just around the corner!

Elemental ImpactIn an effort to maximize the ZWZ Blog's value, Elemental Impact entered the cyberspace social network world by creating an Ei Facebook page that has around 150 "likes", without any promotion.  Each ZWZ Blog post is published on the Ei FB page and Ei Founder Holly Elmore's wall.  Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association Conserve Program Director, is a co-administer of the Ei FB page and publishes interesting antidotes from the sustainability journey.

To strengthen the strong following Ei now Tweets!  Chris serves as Holly's official "tweet coach" while she learns to navigate a foreign realm.  

The ZWZ Team invites you to "like" the Ei FB Page, follow Ei on Twitter (@ElementalImpact) and become active supporters by sharing blog posts on your networks and including the ZWZ Blog link where appropriate.  Thank you for your contribution to communicating the important messages inherent in ZWZ|Ei initiatives.

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