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Monday, June 18, 2018

New Era, New Name: Regeneration in ACTION!

On June 13, 2018, the Zero Waste in ACTION (ZWA) Blog surpassed the 385,000 pageviews milestone! Launched in 2009 as the Zero Waste Zones Blog, the original premise was to document the Zero Waste Zones successes and later the Recycling Refinement and Sustainable Food Court Initiative accomplishments. When the Zero Waste Zones were sold to the National Restaurant Association in 2012, the Zero Waste Zones Blog evolved into the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog.

Respected Journalism
Along with sister Elemental Impact (Ei) blog, The IMPACT, the ZWA Blog grew into a valuable industry media resource. In 2016 Ei catapulted into respected environmental journalism when the prominent invitation arrived in early November:
The U.S. State Department invited Ei to join the invitation-only COP22 preview press conference call. Journalists from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times were among the respected, mainstream media on the call.
The IMPACT Blog article, Ei: Respected Journalism, chronicles Ei's segue from a valuable industry media resource to respected environmental journalism. In addition to the blogs' contribution, Ei Founder Holly Elmore authored a plethora of industry trade journal articles and documents, which are detailed on the Fingertip Press page.

In honor of the ZWA Blog's March 2016 250,000 views milestone, the ZWA Ei Blogs: respected media & valuable industry resources article published to celebrate strong readership and acknowledge the teamwork necessary to build the solid foundation. In addition, the article details interesting reader analytics.

Below are a quick blog stats overview:

The IMPACT Blog:
  • 148,000 pageviews
  • 130 published articles
  • Average 1,140 pageviews per article
  • Most popular article: Ei New Mission Statement (12/12) 2,965 views
Zero Waste in ACTION Blog:
Beyond Sustainability, Beyond Resilience: Regeneration 
Over the past decade, sustainability moved from a buzzword to a movement to a culture within leading communities, universities and businesses. Significant strides were made in zero waste practices, renewable energy technology, and reduced carbon | water footprints. Yet the glaciers continue to melt, the ocean acidification levels are increasing, and desertification is escalating.

Abandoned farmstead in
American Dust Bowl, Oklahoma
photo courtesy of

Beginning with the above paragraph, the ZWA Blog article, Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Solutions, articulates the pending oxygen deficiency and food crisis substantiated with prominent scientific research. The article questions whether the established sustainability movement and the new resilience focus are enough to reverse the out-of-balance carbon cycles causing the pending crisis.

The time is NOW to move beyond sustainability | resilience and embrace regenerative solutions that return the carbon cycles to a healthy, balanced state. The food and oxygen crisis is real and grounded in solid scientific research. Regenerative solutions are simple and align with nature's perfect systems.

New Era, New Tagline
Since inception, Ei lived the tagline Sustainability in ACTION! Working with a powerful team of Ei Pioneers and Ei Industry Experts, Ei evolved into a respected national non-profit known for introducing sustainable best practices within a range of industries.

Beginning with the Zero Waste Zones, Ei initiatives epitomized the following mantra: 

Ei is a creator, an incubator. 
Ei determines what could be done that is not being done and gets it done. 
Ei brings the possible out of impossible. 
Ei identifies pioneers and creates heroes.

As documented in The IMPACT Blog, Happy 8th Birthday, Ei!,  2017 was the Year of Shifting Gears. In 2017 Ei announced Soil Health, regenerating the foundation of life, was a prime focus, replacing the prominent Recycling Refinement (RR) work. In addition, Ei Leadership experienced a changing of the guard and Ei welcomed new Strategic Allies.

The Golden Hoof,
a regenerative farm in Boulder, CO
The ZWA Blog article, Soil Health, regenerating the foundation of life, recounts how Ei RR work was complete within the above mantra parameters, yet serves as the foundation for Soil Health initiatives.

For documentation of Ei's RR era, visit the Milestone's page for a monthly listing of profound action within the Ei journey dating back to pre-inception; the Mission Accomplished page lists Ei endeavors with achieved goals and considered complete via a sale, term expiration or simply mission accomplished!

With gears shifted, the time arrived to assess the use of "sustainability" in the Ei tagline. The ZWA article, Regeneration in ACTION, announces Ei's new tagline of the same name:

Regeneration in ACTION

New Era, New Name
With the evolution of Ei's focus areas and tagline, it is time to give the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog a new name. Though there will be a continued emphasis on minimizing and reducing waste, the article focal points will expand to new horizons. Complementing the Soil Health platform, the Water Use | Toxicity platform is a prime focus.

Jay Brady
In March 2018, Jay Brady officially joined the Ei Leadership Team as the Water Use | Toxicity Program Director. With an initial priority on the Ei Cooling Tower Blowdown Initiative in the Florida market, Jay works closely with Ei Industry Experts Steve Myers of Filters Plus and Jim Harrell with Renaissance Technology. Stay tuned as big announcements are expected in the coming months.

In addition, the Ei Conscious Cleaning Initiative (Ei CCI) is in the pre-launch stage. Over the past months, the Ei CCI Team of industry experts scheduled a plethora of introductory and demonstration meetings with potential Ei Industry Pioneers. Ei Industry Experts Jack Adelman of SouthEast Link along with Larry Smith and Chris Kessler of GenEon work closely with Holly on developing the Ei CCI protocol and parameters.

Ei CCI potential impact is bigger, much BIGGER, than the prominent Zero Waste Zones 2009 launch.

The ZWA Blog article, The Evolution of Standard Cleaning Practices, gives a high-level history of cleaning and introduces conscious cleaning.

... and in alignment with the Ei tagline, the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog new name is:

The Regeneration in ACTION Blog

Elemental Impact embraces a new era, a new name, and renewed impact!