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Monday, June 15, 2009


When you get Sam Massell of the Buckhead Coalition and Pano Karatassos of the Buckhead Life Group behind a movement, the media responds. The Buckhead Report wrote a nice article on the Zero Waste Zone ~ Buckhead launc in May.


Zero Waste Zones continue to garner recognition and support. On Thursday, June 11 the Zero Waste Zone ~ Downtown Atlanta Team was honored by EPA at a formal ceremony in Washington D.C.. Mary Beth Van Pelt with the EPA, Region IV, was at the event to accept the award on behalf of the team. Here is the formal copy on the award:

U.S. EPA’s Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response (OSWER) in Washington, D.C. honored the Zero Waste Team ~ Downtown Atlanta on June 11th at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City. The Strengthening OSWER Partnerships Award was presented to the Project Team for demonstrating extraordinary cooperation, collaboration and support in strengthening a public/private partnership to divert a remarkable amount of recoverable materials from landfills and support the City of Atlanta in developing a marketing edge for future convention business.

Each member of the ZWZ~DA will receive the an award at a local ceremony once the trophies are received. Here are the team members:
With such a stellar team, it is no wonder Atlanta is leading the way with Zero Waste Zones with the foodservice industry serving as the engine. Stay tuned as the accolades build!