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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Onsite Gardens Close the Loop for Sustainability Initiatives

The Doubltree Team breaking ground on their garden
Check out the Northside Neighbor November 23 issue where Everett Catts recognizes restaurants who close the loop with on-site chef gardens in his article, Eateries go green with onsite chef's gardens..  

ZWZ Director Holly Elmore is quoted about how onsite gardens are a component of the overall sustainability movement in the foodservice industry.

Stay tuned for the more onsite garden stories in the spring.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ZWZ Introduces Ambassador Program

In preparation for regional and national expansion, the ZWZ Team is completing the ZWZ Expansion Template, an on-line road map to introducing sustainable business practices in communities. The ZWZ Ambassador program is an integral component to building strong zones supported by the community and local businesses.

Ambassadors, corporate professionals motivated by environmental concerns as well as business opportunities, commit to building strong zones through participation recruitment, guidance with meeting the Zone Criteria and assistance in setting up the metrics collection tool. A two-hour training course is provided for Ambassadors to educate them on the importance of ZWZ Criteria, how participants meet the criteria and guidance on completion of the pledge and pledge completion documents.

Corporate approval is required to join the program as much of the volunteer time is during typical business hours. A minimum commitment of eight hours per month for three months is required.

The Ambassador Program is a relationship building tool and is not to be viewed as a sales tool. Any Ambassadors introducing unsolicited sales pitches to ZWZ Participants will be first warned and if the behavior persists, expelled from the program.

Visit the ZWZ Ambassador page to learn more about the program and to complete the application.

Companies participating in the ZWZ Ambassador Program must support Elemental Impact via the Ei Supporter/Sponsor Program or by ZWZ Supplier status. Click here to learn more about joining the Ei as a Supporter/Sponsor or click here for information on the ZWZ Supplier Directory.

How fun to enter into the final stages of developing the ZWZ Expansion Template!