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Thursday, June 23, 2011

NRA Speaks @ GRA Sustainability Luncheon

GRA Chair Anthony Joseph &
GRA EC Karen Bremer
The Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA) hosted their Annual Meeting on the longest day of the year to an impressive crowd who attended the sessions throughout the day culminating in a PAC Reception.  For the first annual Chairperson's Luncheon sustainability was the chosen topic.

Gary Black
Covering the local and seasonal aspects of sustainability, GA Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black spoke of the department's commitment to supporting the smaller, local farmer and to working with the GRA on meeting the industry's demand for locally grown produce.  As a Green Foodservice Alliance (GFA) Advisory Council Member, Gary Black was active in his role and attended early Producer Task Force meetings.

Chris Moyer & ZWZ Panel
Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association Conserve Program Director, traveled to Atlanta and moderated an impressive panel of Zero Waste Zones heroes who paved the way for future participants to meet the ZWZ Criteria with ease and grace.  After giving an overview of the NRA|Ei|ZWZ collaboration, Chris asked the panelists to share their ZWZ experiences based on prepared questions and those from the audience.  The ZWZ heroes were Steve Simon (Fifth Group Restaurants),  Paul Baldasaro (Buckhead Life Group) and Patrick Cuccaro (Affairs to Remember).

Alan LeBlanc, GA Rep Ralph Long
& GRA Vice Chair Patrick Cuccaro
On hand to fill in the gaps and answer detailed questions, Holly Elmore, ZWZ Director & Ei Founder, gave an update on emerging initiatives, including the Sustainable Food Court Initiative and a glass recycling project in the infancy stages. 

As Holly founded the ZWZ while serving as the GFA Executive Director, the PAC reception was a fun time to reconnect with those involved in the development stages.

GRA Staff
Congratulations to the GRA staff on an excellent day filled with pertinent educational sessions.  Thank you for the opportunity to share the ZWZ success with the GRA membership.

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