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Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Zero Waste Zones Team compiled a list of frequently asked questions encountered during meetings with prospective participants.  Visit the ZWZ FAQ Page (link to come) where questions and answers are broken down into Business, Logistical and Environmental categories.  Thank you to Susan Montgomery, ZWZ Program Director, for the excellent job on summarizing the questions & answers in an easy to understand format.

On a more specific note, Brenda Platt with the Institute for Local Self Reliance, authored an excellent Compostable Products FAQ document with simple answers to complex questions.  Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team Members from the Foodservice Packaging Institute, NatureWorks and MeadWestvaco contributed with invaluable input and comments.  Note the document is evolutionary with frequent revisions anticipated to reflect industry growth and technical advances.

It is fun to witness the collaborative effort at work in supporting the foodservice industry pioneers embrace sustainable best practices, especially in the zero waste arena. 

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