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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recycling Integrity @ IFSS - The Chris & Holly Show with an added Buzz!

The Chris & Holly Show debuted Recycling Integrity:  Truths, Myths & Emerging Technologies with an added Buzz at the International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium on May 24 at Kendall College.  With an engaged audience, Holly Elmore (Zero Waste Zones Director), Chris Moyer (NRA Conserve) and Buzz Chandler (Asean|StalkMarket) walked through the fallacies inherent in the current focus on diversion rates versus recycling rates.

Buzz, Chris & Holly
Photo Credit:  Doug Kunnemann
Buzz gave an excellent overview of the emerging technologies available to take recycling to the next dimensions.  Energy consumed in the collection and recycling process is another important component in creating new systems.  With varying end markets available, each community must assess the recycling scenario viable based on their parameters.

To view/download the session PPT presentation visit the Elemental Impact Speaking Engagements page.

Stay tuned for tales from the journey as ZWZ Participants assist in creating recycling collection systems that embrace maximum tonnage recycled versus the percentages diverted from the dumpster.


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    1. @ Renting Dumpster New York - thank you for coming to the ZWZ Blog and your nice comment. We do our best to keep the blog current, fresh, interesting and filled with pertinent information. Feedback like yours validates our efforts - thank you!