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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Compost, The Quiet Hero @ The 2011 NRA Show

At the 2011 National Restaurant Association Show Compost, The Quiet Hero made an encore performance with his session, Compost, The Quiet Hero Returns with THE HOW.  This year the Quiet Hero's spokesperson Holly Elmore, Zero Waste Zones Director, was joined by the Chris Triad to spread his important message to foodservice operators.

Chris Moyer
Holly lead the message with an overview of THE WHY organics collection for composting is critical to healthy, well-structured soil and plentiful, clean water.  Chris Moyer of the NRA Conserve Program Director presented on how the Conserve Solutions for Sustainability is the resource for education, training and support as the foodservice embraces organics collection.  Chris Newman with the U.S. EPA, Region V spoke on the government assistance available to the industry as standard operating practices include organics collection.  

The star of the session, Chris Koetke with Kendall College educated on the specifics of HOW organics collection works within foodservice operations.  A true pioneer, Kendall College is in their fifth year with an organics collection program.

Holly & The Chris Triad
Moyer, Newman, Koetke

Visit the Elemental Impact Speaking Engagements page where the PPT presentations for the session may be downloaded.

How exciting to witness the enthusiasm of foodservice operators to learn WHY and HOW to bring organics collection to their front and back-of-the-house operations!  Stay tuned for tales from the journey as organics collection becomes common place within the industry.

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