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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recycling For All The Right Returns

In recent research conducted in partnership by the National Restaurant Association and Georgia Pacific, the importance of recycling to the foodservice industry was validated.  Not only do the majority of operators embrace recycling practices, consumers are choosing to spend their dining dollars with restaurants that walk the talk.

Chris Moyer (NRA), John Mulcahy (GP)
& Clarice Turner (Starbucks)
According to Hudson Riehle, SVP of the Research & Knowledge Group for the NRA "Sustainability is more than a fad, it’s the new way of doing business in the restaurant industry.  Our research found that a majority of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants with recycling programs, and restaurants are following suit to ensure they meet their customers’ expectations.” 

Download the full report and view the impressive findings at the new RestaurantsRecycle site.  Here is a quick preview of the major finds:

  • 65% of restaurateurs have recycling programs in place
  • 60% of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants with recycling programs
  • 85% of consumers are willing to sort quickservice recyclables into bins
  • 51% of consumers are willing to pay a little more at restaurants that recycle
Chris Moyer
The research was unveiled at the 2011 NRA Show educational session A Cup Full of Sustainability.  Starbucks joined Georgia Pacific and NRA in the well-attended session to bring the operator perspective to the impressive research.  Click here to download the press release announcing the research findings. 

Stay tuned for collaborative work with Zero Waste Zones | NRA Conserve to educate and support on the importance of recycling to operations and profits.


  1. We should start recycling now!
    It will be a matter of time when earth's resources is lost.

  2. Yeah! It would be a matter of time... we must strive hard to get low on these resources.

  3. I am so favor in recycling! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Recycling is one way of saving our environment. That's a very good practice for all of us. Let's make it hand in hand.

  5. Recycling is the easiest thing to do in saving our earth. I have met some people that kept on saying that they can just buy another one so why do they need to recycle. But I, myself, recycle things. Let us be the start of our world's change.