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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yippee - Chef Micah is World Famous!

Green Solutions In Focus
In observation of Earth Day, CNN photojournalists paired with Eatocracy – CNN's blog devoted to all things edible – to take a special look at problems facing our planet and people who are trying to make a difference before it’s too late.

Chef Micah on Ecco's
roof top garden

The one-hour long Green Solutions in Focus: Eatocracy Edition aired in the domestic market and on CNN International with Chef Micah Willix of Ecco featured in the Closing the Loop story as one of the stories. 

CNN photojournalist, William Walker, spent the better part of an early spring day at Ecco with Chef Micah to capture the complete closing the loop process from the rooftop garden, to food prep for evening dining, to food waste collection for composting, to using the compost in the on-site garden.  The story is a fantastic view of an Atlanta local hero who understands the importance of creating vibrant local, sustainable food production.

Ecco's garden in its prime
Chef Micah's original focus was on reduction of the restaurant's food waste and evolved into closing the loop with the roof top garden.  It will be fun to witness the next dimension of Micah's visions of operating a restaurant with utmost integrity.

View the ZWZ Blog post, Chef Gardens: A Tasty Way to Clos the Loop, that inspired William to create the April 2011 Closing the Loop story.

Note William is a Zero Waste Zone friend as he created the 2009 CNN City Aims for Zero Waste story that propelled the Atlanta program into national prominence.  Hmmm .... could there be another CNN ZWZ story in the works this summer when major announcements are planned? Stay tuned!

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