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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

City of Atlanta Takes ZWZ Seriously

In February, 2011 the City of Atlanta joined the Zero Waste Zone program accompanied with a press release announcing formal program support.  With the goal of a top ten sustainability city status by 2020, the City is taking their zero waste commitment seriously.  See the February blog post, OFFICIAL: City of Atlanta Lends ZWZ Support, for details on the City's ZWZ commitment.

Jean Pullen, Roy Edwards, Melia Lesko
& Holly Elmore @ City Hall
Leading the charge for the City, Jean Pullen is coordinating meetings at all City facilities with foodservice operations including the City Detention Center, City Hall and the Atlanta Airport.  Roy Edwards with Sustainability Division of the GA Department of Natural Resources is integral to supporting the City's zero waste initiatives.  

As the only state-permitted food composting facility available for Atlanta food residuals, Greenco Environmental's flexibility with their organics collection program is necessary to launch City pilot projects. Thank you Tim & Melia Lesko, Greenco owners!

Stay tuned as the projects come out of proposal stage and into ACTION!

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