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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Documentation Maximizes Impact

Elemental Impact is committed to creating business operating practices entrenched in respect to the environment, humanity and profitability.  An integral component to successful practices is collective effort and working together with community spirit where all benefit.  Ei recruits pioneers eager to enter the frontier and determine how to implement the evolved practices into operations, with ease and financial stability.  

Affairs to Remember
Chef Ahmad  Nourzad
Beginning with the Zero Waste Zones program, Ei's initial focus is on diversion of assets from landfills.  The Founding ZWZ Participants are the heroes who met the Back-of-the-House organics collection challenge and developed easy to implement procedures for the kitchen and wait staff.  It took a few stumbles before the EASY testimonies came forth.  Visit the ZWZ Testimonial page for an array of ZWZ Participant quotes on how the program makes good business sense while respecting environmental concerns.

With the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilots, pioneers are working through the Front-of-the House recycling challenges where the consumer is responsible for material disposal.  A common refrain during SFCI Team meetings is "If it was easy, it would already be done."  

Food courts by their nature are filled with complex obstacles for zero waste practices, ranging from legal constraints in landlord | tenant and franchiser | franchisee agreements to operators who do not control their waste disposition to third party items brought to the food court.  It takes innovative, dedicated industry leaders to work through the challenges and create solutions.

Ei's work is monumental.  To maximize impact, documentation of the template creation process is essential so others may modify it to complement their unique circumstances.  A clear narrative, in pictures and words, is intertwined within Ei's communication tools.  For documentation of the Ei journey, visit these on-line tools:
  • Milestone Page - details in concise narrative major events by month in reverse chronological order.  Related blog post links are included where appropriate.
  • Zero Waste in ACTION Blog - documents the ZWZ, SFCI and zero waste process and success stories along with related articles.
  • IMPACT Blog - documents Ei work and influence in areas other than zero waste initiatives.
  • Ei Photo Gallery - the latest addition to the documentation repertoire. Thanks to Elisabeth Marchal's, Ei Adminstrator, diligent efforts Ei's vast photo album collection may now be viewed directly on the site.
  • Ei FB Page - each blog post is published on the Ei FB page along with related links to Ei Partners, Ei Strategic Allies, Ei Advisory Council and ZWZ Participants articles and activities.
  • Ei FB Albums - whenever possible Ei action is documented with pictures and organized into albums including thorough descriptions.  Photos are downloadable from the albums and available for third-party use, as long as photo credit is given.
  • ZWZ Website - the site contains a wealth of information and documentation on the program and zero waste practices.
Within the documentation is the clear message:  Collaboration is Key to Success. Thank you to those who contribute their resources, time and expertise to Ei's important work. Contact Ei Founder Holly Elmore if interested in joining the team paving the pathway to a new paradigm.

Stay tuned as the above tools continue the documentation trail of our important and necessary journey.

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