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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SFCI Quarterly Update

On Monday, February 13 the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team hosted the first quarterly update call open to interested parties. Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association ConServe Program Manager and SFCI Co-Chair, lead the update call and Elemental Impact founder Holly Elmore provided the welcome along with several project deeper dives 

With the first SFCI Pilot at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in ACTION mode, there were detailed updates on the overall pilot team progress along with subcommittee reports.  For a pilot overview, visit the ZWZ Blog post, Atlanta Airport SFCI Pilot ACTION.

The Baseline & Metrics Subcommittee is complete with its baseline analysis and is in a holding pattern.  Once the Airport is ready to a launch the full-scale organics collection program, with SFCI support, metrics standards and tools will be established.  

ATL SFCI Action team mtg 
To assist airport food vendors meet the new concessionaire contract packaging provision, the Foodservice Packaging subcommittee is in the final stages of issuing an information packet designed to educate operators on HOW to meet the packaging provision.  The ZWZ Blog post, Atlanta Airport Makes Bold Statement, gives the details of the ground-breaking contract provision.

Diligent work is in progress at a Charlotte Simon mall pilot project where the food court operations are contracted with HMSHost.  A formal pilot announcement is forthcoming when action is in-place.  The ZWZ Blog post, 2011 Planning = 2012 ACTION, details the tremendous collaborative effort necessary for SFCI Pilot programs. 

Baled milk jugs ready for sale
SFCI impact goes well beyond food courts.  See the Ei FB Album, SFCI Airport Milk Jug Recycling, for the impressive Atlanta program that inspired cost-saving recycling programs at the Tampa Airport.  Future blog posts will capture the essence of the Tampa Airport HMSHost team's sustainability enthusiasm.  Thank you HMSHost for your industry leadership role.  It is an honor to work with a company and individuals willing to commit the time and resources necessary to create new operating practices.

Plastic beginning the journey
to its next life
Using the SFCI structural foundation. Simon malls is in exploration with Hilex Poly to develop comprehensive plastic film recycling programs.  The ZWZ Blog post, Getting a Handle on Plastic Recycling, gives details on building the base components necessary for the programs.

Collaboration is key to success.  The SFCI Team includes active members from trade associations, non-profits, property owners|managers, foodservice operators and industry suppliers working together to create the pathways that make strong business sense for all concerned.  Our work is important and we invite those who choose to contribute valuable resources,including expertise, time and energy, to join the Team.  Contact Holly for additional information.

For detailed SFCI Call Notes, visit the the SFCI Qtrly Update page on the Ei site. Contact Elisabeth to receive future SFCI updates.

We are on a phenomenal journey into uncharted territory - stay tuned for tales from the adventure! 

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  1. Very exciting to see green initiatives like SFCI taking off on such a large scale as it is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport...very exciting indeed. Atlanta is more "green" than ever!