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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Quick & Powerful Charlotte Visit

spontaneous side  meetings at a
presentation end says:  EFFECTIVE!
Efficient and Effective was the theme for the February, 2012 Charlotte excursion.  Lorraine White owner of M-Pass, an Ei Partner, joined Ei founder Holly Elmore for the whirlwind visit. In less than 24 hours ( 23 3/4 hours to be exact), the dynamic duo had a excellent presentation meeting with Wastequip, an Ei Supporter, on their new aerated organics collection bins followed by a lovely dinner.  The following day included two tours along with a luncheon where Holly was the key presenter.

Our Mecklenburg County pals, Jake Wilson and Trey Miller, joined dinner along with Jim Lanier of Earth Farm Organics and Robin Turner of O'Leary Group.  Intertwined within the laughter, important business foundations were laid.

The office recycling
bins @ UNC Charlotte
The following day Holly was the featured presenter at a CAUSE - Colleges and Universities Sustaining the Environment - luncheon meeting hosted by UNC Charlotte. After lunch the group took a campus tour to learn about the impressive systems in place at the university.  At one cafeteria, UNC Charlotte has a food pulper that reduces food waste volume by around 80%, thus reducing the number of per pull charges along with tipping fees.

UNC Charlotte has two earth bins, a labor intensive in-vessel composting system purchased with grants over a decade ago.  Although inefficient, the earth bins are effective.  It is impressive to witness UNC Charlotte's long standing environmental commitment.

Past prime bell peppers
destined for a yummy worn meal
After a farewell to new friends, the duo traveled south to the Charlotte Foster Caviness distribution center. It was a pure treat to learn about their developing vermi-composting system for produce beyond its prime and not fit for sale.

Visit the Ei FB album, 02-12 Charlotte Visit, for a pictorial recap of the trip, complete with photos of those red beauties who are the true workhorses in vermi-composting operations.

The Charlotte bonds are vibrant and ACTION is around the corner.  Stay tuned!

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