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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SCHA Voices ZWZ Commitment

Elissa among the compost windrows
This fall the SC Hospitality Association orchestrated a second Atlanta Zero Waste Zones visit to explore the practicalities of bringing the program to their state.  The National Restaurant Association showed true ZWZ partnership colors with Chris Moyer, NRA ConServe Program Director, and Elissa Elan, Sr Editor, Sustainability, joining the tour.

Elissa published the NRA News Blog post, S.C. explores zero waste program, with a fantastic overview of the trip.  By joining the tour, Elissa got a hands-on understanding of the SC commitment to embarking on the zero waste path.   

In Elissa's post,  Douglas OFlaherty, SCHA Director of Operations, gives the following quote after visiting the Greenco composting site:

A food residual dump at the
the composting site
 "The composting facility was most impressive. The [concept] is so simple it's stupid it's not being done [in other areas]. Though there is a science to the mixture and the composting, it's really about putting the right thing in the right places. The earth takes care of the rest. The amazing thing was seeing the product come in raw, mixed and then witnessing the final product."

The ZWZ Blog post, An Encore ZWZ Performance, details the second SC ZWZ tour and the Ei FB albums, DAY 1 - SC Hospitality Group  2nd ATL ZWZ Tour  and Day 2- SC Hospitality Group 2nd ATL ZWZ Tour, give a detailed pictorial recap of the tour.

Thank you Elissa for making the Atlanta excursion.  It is important to document the ZWZ program expansion from many perception lenses.  Thank you Elissa for documenting the path from your perspective - your post is valuable to preserving HOW the zero waste infrastructure is built.

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