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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sustainable Foodservice Packaging Meeting

Building the Path
Exploring the Value Chain of Food | Beverage Packaging

December 14 was an important day in the sustainable food service packaging industry: different environmentally-minded packaging and composting organizations orchestrated a collaborative day together to improve the sustainability of foodservice packaging. Hosted by the National Restaurant Association in their Washington, DC offices, the successful meeting mapped out different synergies, challenges, and points for collaborative action to take in the near future.  

The following nine organizations actively participated in this meeting:
Chris Moyer, NRA, speaking
During the morning session each organization outlined their current and planned project status, discussing any industry concerns or points of focus.  In the afternoon, the group strategized ways to  efficiently collaborate to overcome market barriers, improve the purity of the different foodservice waste streams and roll out of pilot programs. 
One of the themes emerging from the lively discussions during the afternoon strategy session was the importance of consistency and a common voice from the sustainable packaging industry.  Consumers, both Corporate and individual, are often confused by conflicting messages, local terminology, recycling bins, product labeling, certifications to name a few topics.  It would also be helpful to map the inventory of the various types of resources and services available.
Scott filming in action
 Scott Seydel, Ei Chair; Global Green Chair, videotaped the entire meeting and a future blog post will announce when and where the videos are uploaded. The Ei FB album, 12-13-11 Sustainable Pkging Mtg @ NRA Offices, gives a pictorial recap of the day.

The nine organizations listed above will continue a dialogue via scheduled calls and in-person meetings.  In addition, a number of individuals participate in the SFCI Pilot Sustainable Packaging Committee conference calls, and the end of each committee call will include allocated time for any updates and related information to share with the group.
The Meeting ended with Cheers
A big THANK YOU to the NRA for hosting the important meeting. Jeffrey Clark, NRA Contractor, did an excellent job with the meeting logistics and facilitating the strategy session.
Stay tuned for future blog posts documenting the action items launched at the monumental meeting.


  1. The creation, operation and evolution of food supply chains are one key dimension
    in the new patterns of rural development now emerging.

    1. Agreed - you will see more written soon on food supply chains.

  2. The primary purpose of food packaging must continue to be maintaining the safety, wholesomeness, and quality of food.
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    1. Kris, you are so right - at the foundation of Ei endeavors in the foodservice industry is Food Safety, first and foremost. Thanks for taking the time to read and write a comment. Holly

  3. It is always a great sight to see companies coming together to devise new solutions to problems. Especially a problem like sustainable packaging which affects any company especially those in the food industry. I know that my cousin who has owns a cafe which specializes in organic foods would love to have to-go boxes which are made of sustainable packaging. Has there been any updates since they last met for the conference?

    George Puzo |