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Sunday, December 11, 2011

ReUse for Old, Spent Jeans

Well-loved, spent jeans
no longer for public wear
A great pair of jeans becomes one of the family and a source of comfort, fun and fashion statement.  After a certain number of years, there comes a time when the tears start and only a limited number of washer machine trips are left.  Once the holes and tears go beyond a point, the jeans are no longer fit for public wear and considered "spent".  

These jewels are not in condition for donation - so what is their destination?  Too many times, a landfill was the option for the beloved friend.  ElaBela Skirts comes to rescue!  Elizabeth Dobbs takes the ragged jeans and makes sassy, one-of-a-kind skirts for yet another life.

Not interested in a skirt?  No problem, donate your old jeans to ElaBela so someone else may benefit from your old jeans.  
Sassy, ElaBela

Oops, the jeans are in fine shape - they must have shrunk in the dryer as snug is too nice a word. Once again, ElaBela Skirts to the rescue.  When the seams are torn and resown to make the skirt, the jeans are expanded back to a comfortable, sassy fit as a skirt. Ahhh, this is an important value!

Walk your talk with the reduce, reuse, recycle commitment - donate any still wearable cloths to shelters for those less fortunate and send those favorite jeans to ElaBela for their next life, with you or someone else.

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