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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting a Handle on Plastic Film Recycling

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How thrilling to witness the world's largest plastic bag manufacturer (Hilex Poly) meet with the nation's largest real estate company and mall owner (Simon Property Group) and the nation's largest waste and recycling hauler (Waste Management) to develop systems for recycling the tremendous amount of garment plastic film packaging received in retail stores. 

Hilex Poly owns the nation's only plant dedicated to post-consumer plastic bag recycling in North Vernon, IN and is on a mission to increase their recycling tonnage.  The plant is adjacent to the one of the world's largest volume plastic bag manufacturing plants - sounds like a zero carbon footprint on delivery of recycled plastic film pellets to the reproduction process!

plastic film beginning the
recycling process
In the ZWZ Blog post, Simon Property Group Embarks on Zero Waste Initiatives, the scenario of the major increase in garment plastic film packaging was addressed.  With each of the major players required to develop shopping center plastic film recycling at the table, fertile seeds were planted for an ACTION plan.

To view tour pictures, visit the Ei Facebook album, 07-01-11 Hilex Poly Tour in North Vernon, IN.

Stay tuned as an exciting journey is beginning!


  1. Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning these through an incinerator. So doing projects like this will help save the environment and eliminate pollution as well.

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