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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zero Waste @ 2012 Indy Super Bowl

The Indianapolis 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee is taking zero waste initiatives seriously as they plan for the big day along with the accompanying festivities.  With collaborative efforts in place  with the Host Committee, the Indiana Recycling Coalition, the Indiana Restaurant Association and Simon Property Group, solid material collection plans are underway.

An organics collection pilot is slated for the J.W. Marriott and Circle Centre, a downtown Simon mall, during the Super Bowl events.  

The National Restaurant Association | Elemental Impact | Zero Waste Zones Team met with the Indy Super Bowl folks to offer support and guidance on bringing zero waste initiatives late last month.  Demonstrating the NRA's strong sustainability commitment, Dawn Sweeney  (NRA CEO) included the meeting in her July 01 CEO Report.

Stay tuned as the NRA|Ei|ZWZ connects with more national events to provide zero waste initiative support.


  1. Elemental Impact and its Sustanable Food Court Initiative team are driving many programs focused on Zero Waste. Appreciate your interest, comment and efforts in Indy as part of Super Bowl 2012 to support the same. D Kunnemann SFCI Co-Chair.

  2. @ NFL Schedule - thank so much for taking the time to read the ZWZ Blog and your supportive comments. It is fun and exciting to write the blog as they are so many embarking on important projects. Standard operating practices are in the midst of a an extraordinary evolution!

    Ei|ZWZ would love to work with the NFL in any way possible to bring zero waste initiatives to the NFL. My e-mail is

    Sorry for the delay in responding - my computer crashed right before the holidays begun. Yesterday it got up again so I am catching up.


  3. @ NFL Schedule, earlier this week the ZWZ Blog post, Panthers Winning Recycling Season, published to much fanfare - most popular post on the blog right now! I would love to see if there is a way we could work together on encouraging more tailgate recycling at NFL games around the country. Here is the post link: