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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gimme 5 Recycling @ Whole Foods

Thanks to Preserve's innovative Gimme 5 recycling program the consumer has an option for recycling their #5 plastics.  Whole Foods is a program partner and most stores participate by providing the decorative, educational bins for customer use.

Gimme 5 container @
Whole Foods - Buckhead, ATL
When it is accepted by recycling systems, #5 plastic is generally included in a mixed plastic bale and sent overseas to unknown destinations.  By saving #5 plastic for programs like Gimme 5 the consumer can be assured the yogurt tubs, hummus containers and other items are used in a high value manner.  Note Starbuck's cold beverages cups are #5 plastic and perfect for the Gimme 5 bins.

The Gimme 5 website has concise, clear copy on what is and is not accepted.  Essentially, the requirements are: 1> #5 must be printed on the plastic 2> only rigid #5 is accepted, NOT film 3> plastic washed of food|beverage and labels removed.  For the NOT accepted items, the site gives easy to understand reasons for the exclusion.

Begun in 2009, Gimme 5 is a young program and Preserve is keeping its growth restricted to Whole Foods and several other retailers.  

Walking the talk in personal lives is essential to integrity within the Zero Waste Zones program.  Thanks to the Gimme 5 program there is an option for consumer #5 plastic to maintain its value in the recycling process.

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