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Sunday, March 13, 2011

ZWZ Kicks the Can!

Audubon Magazine features Atlanta's Zero Waste Zone program in their March/April issue article Kick the Can.  The article ties in the importance of organics collection destined for composting operations to the soil.  Holly Elmore, ZWZ Director, says "Our soil is in dire straits. That waste is actually an asset that can be used to rejuvenate our soil and our water supply.”

Many of the founding ZWZ Participants are recognized by name for their important contributions to creating a program that cities around the country are abuzz about bringing to their community.

Contamination is addressed by the example of twist ties getting into the compost used in fields for grazing livestock.  Dr. Patricia Millner, a renown scientist with U.S. Department of Agriculture, educated POWER - Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling - attendees at a 2009 meeting about hardware disease, an accumulation of metals in the grazing animal's stomach resulting in death.

The power of the media is critical to spreading the message of organics collection for composting and other diversion of assets from landfills.  It is essential for publications outside of the recycling and waste industries to educate the consumer, both corporate and individual, on the necessary shift in consciousness regarding our nation's disposal methods.

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