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Sunday, March 6, 2011

WM Expands in ATL

In her Atlanta Business Chronicle article, Waste Management Expanding in Atlanta, Maria Saporta  writes about WM's Southern Atlantic consolidated office and call center.  In addition to a stronger customer service approach, the expansion includes creating metro Atlanta employment opportunities with the nation's largest waste and recycling company.

With their slogan "Think Green", WM CEO David Steiner is guiding the company through a metamorphosis from landfill investment to recycling plants and recovery facilities investment.  At the end of the article, Saporta uses WM's relationship with Zero Waste Zones as an example of their commitment in action.

In early February WM announced a strategic joint development agreement with Genomatica  to research and advance Genomatica‟s technology and manufacturing processes to enable production of intermediate and basic chemicals from syngas made from municipal solid waste. Click here to download the news release from WM's press room.

With the metamorphosis in the inaugural stages, the fun is just beginning as WM takes the reins to guide and create industries based on environmental and economic sound principles.  

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