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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fifth Group Under-Covered

La Tavola @ Dusk
VirginiaHighland-DruidHills Patch reporter Erin Levin under-covers Fifth Group Restaurants' contribution, or better said lack of contribution, to the neighborhood community.  With El Taco and La Tavola, in the patch area Erin gives residents an overview of the Fifth Group Restaurant's commitment to zero waste initiatives in her article, Waste Free, Fifth Group Restaurants have gone green.

El Taco
Steve Simon, Zero Waste Zone - Midtown Champion, Elemental Impact Board member and Fifth Group Partner, is the pioneer and stellar force paving the pathway for Atlanta's foodservice operators to embrace recycling and organics collection for composting.  Under Steve's guidance, 7,000 to 9,000 pounds of organics are composted each month and that same amount of papers, plastics and glass is recycled and reused rather than sent to the landfill. 

Steve Simon
Here is an amazing quote from Steve:  “We contribute less trash in a week than a typical household of four even though we feed two to three thousand people."

Thank you Erin for featuring eco-hero Steve Simon and Fifth Group Restaurants in your patch article.  It is important to recognize the businesses who are willing to take the time and energy necessary to NOT contribute to metro Atlanta's landfills.

On another note,  Erin was the CNN producer for the 2009 CNN ZWZ story that received over 130,000 views on  Erin is now a free-lance journalist, African philanthropist and eco-friend of humanity.   

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