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Saturday, March 24, 2012

SFCI Video from the Ei Film Crew

In December, 2011 the Ei film crew debuted with a photo shoot at the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Atlanta Airport Pilot.  The ZWA Blog post, Ei | ZWZ Film Crew Debuts, gives a lighthearted recap of the shoot.
Scott  filming @ the NOLA conference

The dynamic duo, Elemental Impact Chair Scott Seydel and Founder Holly Elmore traveled to New Orleans for Global Green's NOLA Resource Recovery Conference on March 02, 2012. Using the conference as an opportunity to further hone their film and photography skills, Scott filmed the entire conference and edited videos of each presenter.  Holly kept her camera close at hand during the conference events.

YEA - the SFCI has a powerful overview video!  Scott filmed and edited Holly's SFCI ten-minute session at the NOLA conference.  When time allows 2-3 minute snippets will be edited for program education and promotion.  Here is the video version of the entire session:

Known for arriving with camera in hand, Holly is creating a powerful arsenal of photos documenting Ei's important work and journey.  The photos are loaded into well-organized albums on Ei's FB page and on the Ei Photo Gallery page.  From FB, photos may be downloaded for use as long as photo credit is given.  High res photo files are available upon request.

Ei understands the magnitude of its programs | initiatives and documentation is essential to maximizing impact.  The ZWA Blog post, Documentation Maximizes Impact, gives an overview of Ei's on-line communication tools.

The Ei Film Crew is in its infancy - creative juices are flowing, skills are fine-tuning and the FUN is just beginning!

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