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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Entire Product Life Cycle is Critical

Elemental Impact welcomes Heritage Interactive Services to the Ei Partner program!  The HIS partnership is  the first step for Ei in the world beyond end-of-life considerations.  To date, the Zero Waste Zones and Sustainable Food Court Initiative focus is on the product final destination with minimal consideration to product life origins. 

Working with HIS, Ei will develop zero waste initiatives that focus on the entire value-chain, including beginning-of-life. Note beginning-of-life is holographic in nature and takes into consideration HOW product raw material is created or grown.  An HIS executive will co-chair the Ei Product Stewardship focus, working with the Ei Partner Family to bring the entire product life cycle and value chain to the forefront. 

WOW - a whole new world is opening and a new dimension of FUN is emerging!

HIS is a by-product management expert and an industry leader who assists national and global manufacturing companies achieve sustainable success.   Privately owned, HIS uses their decade plus experience coupled with strong parent company support to drive industry standards dedicated to minimal "waste" going to landfills.  Proving operating a manufacturing process with integrity and respect to the Earth makes good business sense, HIS clients experience  improved bottom lines.

In the first call with Bob Zetty, HIS President, Bob was clear he likes to move FAST - what music to Ei founder Holly Elmore's ears! Seat belts are fastened and Ei is prepared for the Product Stewardship rocket launch.

Welcome HIS to the Ei Partner Family!  

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