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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marlin Gottschalk - Remembered with Awards

Marlin Gottschalk
On May 23, 2011 Georgia lost one of its strongest environmental advocates when Marlin Gottschalk left this realm after a valiant encounter with cancer.  The ZWZ Blog post, Farewell to a Friend, Colleague & Mentor, is ZWZ Director Holly Elmore's personal tribute to Marlin.

As Director of the GA Department of Natural Resources Sustainability Division, Marlin was either at the forefront or the foundation of Georgia's green initiatives.  This fall is filled with recognition of a Hero who now gives his unwavering support and guidance from a dimension we sense yet cannot see.

In September Marlin received the 2011 Emory University Alumni Sustainability Award honoring an alum who has made significant contributions to environmental protection and sustainability.  Marlin earned his impressive academic achievements, from undergraduate through his doctorate degree, at Emory.
Rachel, Kathy & Russell
Gottschalk @ GreenLaw event
Photo credit:  Paula Gould

GreenLaw, Honoring Citizens Who Use the Law to Improve the Environment, presented Marlin with the Distinguished Public Service Award at the October GreenLaw's 2011 Environmental Heroes Celebration.  Marlin's wife Kathy and children, Russell & Rachel, accepted the newly created award on Marlin's behalf.

The program copy ends with this truthful statement:

Marlin brought a rare combination of intellect and passion, vision and pragmatism—as well as a delightful sense of humor—to his work. He was determined to make a compelling business case for sustainability while honoring the systems ecologist at his core. His many mentees will carry on his legacy for years to come.

Marlin @ 2010 Ei Meeting
In mid October the Georgia General Assembly issued a Senate Resolution honoring the life and memory of Dr. Marlin Ralph Gottschalk. 

At the November Elemental Impact Annual Sponsor and Advisory Council meeting Marlin will be sorely missed.  Along with valued insights, Marlin led the strategy session closing the 2010 meeting.  The IMPACT Blog post, Ei Sponsor, Advisory Council & Board Meeting, gives a meeting overview and copy on Marlin's contributions.

It is important heroes like Marlin receive recognition for their invaluable impact.  The ZWZ Blog will continue to honor Marlin and publish posts about his influence and future awards.

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