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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ray Anderson: A Legacy Beyond Description

On Monday, August 08 Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, left a legacy beyond description when he passed through the veils separating us from the heavens.

An uncompromising hero, Ray inspired his carpet manufacturing company to accomplish what seemed impossible back in 1994:  reduce energy consumption, eliminate landfill destined material, and decrease Green House Gas emissions ALL within a solid, profitable business model.  

As a true leader, Ray inspired his comrades (employees) to co-create a new operating plan.  Wow - did it work!  Refer to the below list of recommended articles for specifics on the miraculous results of his revolutionary approach that produced environmental and corporate WINS.

Ray proved "good business" and environmental stewardship are one in the same.  Without him here to personally advocate the message, it is imperative to honor Ray's legacy by following his lead.  Remember Ray listened to his Heart and refused to abide by logic embraced in social consciousness.  The answers to creating strong economic strides with net zero environmental impact lie in the silence between the verbose clutter of our minds.  Silence is heard by our open Hearts, where logic has no home.  Once the silence is heard, logical solutions miraculously appear.

THANK YOU Ray Anderson for your unwavering Faith and willingness to Trust your Heart.  You are a true inspiration and your legacy lives.

Recommended Links for Ray Anderson:

A simple Google search yields many more articles|features on Ray Anderson's contribution to humanity.

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