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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life in the RE-World, a 20 Year Celebration

The Georgia Recycling Coalition celebrated their 20th Anniversary Conference at the King & Prince on St. Simon's Island with a stellar program.  Life in the RE-World - REuse, REclaim, REcover, REduce, REthink, RECYCLE - was the theme at the well attended conference.
Kimberly Reeves & Gloria
Hardegree @ registration

GRC Executive Director Gloria Hardegree knows how to orchestrate a fantastic conference, from creating an excellent educational program, to attracting national corporate leaders as keynote speakers and plenary session panelists to choosing a beach front conference site.  With the "Parade of Presidents" scheduled for the closing GRC Annual Membership Meeting, many of the organization's early supporters were in attendance and told some great stories.

Jim Hanna 
Jim Hanna, Starbuck's Director of Environmental Impact & Global Responsibility, gave a fantastic  morning keynote presentation about Starbuck's environmental stewardship, including an update on their ongoing research for disposal options of their famous cup.  With a wide range of pertinent topics, attendees were educated on local and national programs in various stages of execution.  For the conference agenda along with supporting PPT presentations, visit the GRC Conference page.

For a pictorial recap of the conference visit the Elemental Impact FB album, 08-22 GRC Conference.

In addition to industry education, the GRC Conference is an excellent networking opportunity where long-time friends REconnect and new bonds are formed.  The camaraderie and genuine friendships among attendees is inspiring and instigates new adventures in the RE-World.

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