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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kudos to Atlanta

Midtown, City of Atlanta
Home of ZWZ-Midtown
In a recent mattermore blog post, Atlanta Gets Kudas as a Zero Waste City, author Sebrina Zerkus Smith cheers Atlanta for creating the Zero Waste Zones in 2009 and ties ZWZ to Mayor Reed's goal of making Atlanta a top ten sustainability city by 2020.

With many of her facts from the 2009 ZWZ launch press information, the blog post signifies the important role ZWZ plays in Atlanta's perceived green image and actual sustainability rankings.  With the ZWZ regional expansion plans underway (see ZWZ Blog post, ATL ZWZ Team hosts SC Hospitality Tour), the ZWZ Team is preparing for a major November national announcement in partnership with the National Restaurant Association.

In February, 2011 the NRA announced their collaboration with Ei|ZWZ at the ZWZ Two-Year Anniversary Press Conference (see the ZWZ Blog post, ZWZ Garners National Support).  Working closely with Chris Moyer, NRA Conserve Program Manager, the ZWZ program is in the evolution process to a NRA program in partnership with Elemental Impact.  The November announcement is an opportunity for Atlanta to blaze her shining sustainability star as the ZWZ birth place.

With sustainability a major component to business decisions for corporate headquarter, convention and major sporting & entertainment event locations, the ZWZ program sends an impressive message supported by solid metrics to the business community and the media.  ZWZ cities will have a competitive edge in decision making processes that impact its economic vitality.

Kudos to Atlanta for coming forth with a pioneering spirit in sustainability!

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