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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ZWZ Impact Goes National

The National Restaurant Association invited Ei Founder & CEO Holly Elmore to speak to their Sustainability & Social Responsibility Committee at the winter Board of Directors meeting held in Palm Springs.  With Sustainability & Social Responsibility one of the NRA’s four cornerstones, a strong collaboration with Ei/ZWZ/NRA makes sense and the stage is set to move forward.

Visit the Speaking Engagements page for the PPT presentation, ZWZ: Mobilizing an Industry.

At the meeting the enthusiasm was strong from top leadership with the nation's largest and most influential foodservice operators.  The industry is gearing up to support sustainability as an integral component to standard operating practices.

Check out the NRA Conserve site where operators go for education through a virtual restaurant tour or via a series of short videos designed to introduce sustainable practices in an interesting, informative format.  Chris Moyer of the NRA Conserve is amazing and did an outstanding job creating the site and producing the videos.

Stay tuned for future news on the ZWZ/Ei/NRA collaboration.  The seeds are planted for a relationship with potential to mobilize the nation's largest private sector industry into ACTION!

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