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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drum Roll Please .... The Chris & Holly Show

The Atlanta Zero Waste Zone program was built in late 2008 with the Abbey & Holly Show.  Each of the Founding ZWZ Participants were visited by the dynamic duo of Abbey Patterson with Atlanta Recycles and Holly Elmore then the Founder of the Green Foodservice Alliance.
Buzz, Chris & Holly
Photo Credit - Doug Kunnemann
With the Atlanta template almost complete, the team has evolved into the Chris & Holly Show as national foodservice operators and cities are courted to join the ZWZ.  Chris Moyer is with the National Restaurant Association Conserve Program and Holly Elmore of Elemental Impact and the Zero Waste Zones is the second half of the duo.    

Last week Chris & Holly debuted their tag-team presentation style at the POWER - Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling - meeting held in conjunction with the U.S. Composting Council's pre-conference sessions in Santa Clara, CA.

Visit the 2011 POWER meeting page for their PPT presentation on Mobilizing the Foodservice Industry to Embrace Organics Collection.

These are exciting times as we embark on completing the spiral of integrating our past with the current to make the future dimension of the corporate community operating with integrity and truth.

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