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Saturday, January 29, 2011

City of Atlanta Commits to ZWZ

In January the City of Atlanta (COA) committed to the Zero Waste Zone as a Sapling Participant!  

For success, zero waste initiatives require a collaborative effort between government, non-profits, trade associations and private enterprise. It takes courage for a City to make an official stand on zero waste and the ZWZ Team honors Mandy Mahoney, COA Director of Sustainability, for taking the bold step for Atlanta to truly embrace ZWZ..

Here is Mandy's official quote:  
Mandy Mahoney
"The Zero Waste Zone program is an innovative community led visionary activity that drives our city and region further down the path of becoming a truly sustainable community.  We're very fortunate to have great leadership and action from both business and organizations that have participated in the last two years."
The game plan is to develop a phase-in strategy of the ZWZ Criteria at the City Hall foodservice operations and then extend zero waste practices to the entire complex.  

Thank you Mandy for your vision so Atlanta may shine her blazing star of sustainability.

Stay tuned as the story is just beginning to unfold as Atlanta blossoms into her Truth as a Pioneer City in Sustainability

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