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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A POWERFUL Cyberspace Network

ZWZ Blog topped 30,000 page views!!!  

On January 10, a mere 49 days after reaching 25,000 views, the ZWZ Blog hit the major 30,000 milestone.  The journey from 20,000 to 25,000 views took 65 days - an impressive readership escalation over the last months.

A 2012 Elemental Impact focus is building a powerful cyberspace network for communicating the important work in progress by those committed to sustainable corporate, community and personal environments.  The ZWZ Blog shares zero waste success stories and emerging programs devoted to diverting material from landfills. The IMPACT Blog communicates the programs and tales in the remaining sustainability sectors with an emphasis on social responsibility and health impact|economics.

With the ZWZ Blog over 30,000 page views and the IMPACT Blog closing in on 15,000 page views, a solid foundation is established for the cyberspace network.  Your support will assist in taking the network to amazing dimensions where ALL benefit.

Here are a few action points you can take NOW:
  • Follow the blogs, which may done from the sidebar - note post alerts go to Google Reader
  • "Like" the Ei FB Page
  • "Follow" the Ei LinkedIn Page
  • "Follow" Ei on Twitter
  • Share ZWZ | IMPACT Blog posts on your networks
  • Participate in the network by creating dialogue via comments on the blog, FB and LinkedIn posts.
  • Share your success stories with Holly Elmore, Ei founder, for potential future posts
The Earth is in the midst of paradigm shifts and it is an incredible time to be alive.  Be a part of the creating the new paradigm; take ACTION however works for you.

Thank you for your support and participation - we are on a phenomenal collective journey where collaboration is key.

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