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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HMSHost Presents @ NRA Board Meeting

HMSHost presented at the fall National Restaurant Association's Board meeting to the Sustainability & Social Responsibility Committee.  Linda Dunn, HMS Host VP Supply Chain & Analysis, gave an excellent overview of HMSHost's substantial commitment to sustainability throughout their operations and extending to community service.

Clarice Turner of
Starbucks with Linda
@ NRA Board Mtg
With nearly 100 airport airport concessions contracts around the globe, annual sales in excess of $2.5 billion, over 34,000 associates worldwide and an unmatched portfolio of over 250 international, regional local and proprietary brands, HMSHost is a powerful leader who is evolving the operating standards of the foodservice industry.

HMSHost has a formal Sustainability Platform:
“Making the traveler’s day better” by reassuring our customers, partners, and employees that HMSHost has a sustainable, responsible foundation.
Lead by example and encourage customers, partners, and employees to become more sustainable by just starting somewhere since “Each Act Of Green Builds A Better Future” 
Linda wrapped-up her impressive presentation with the role HMSHost's participation in the NRA ConServe Program and Elemental Impact | Zero Waste Zones | Sustainable Food Court Initiative plays in their over sustainability commitment.  NRA|Ei participation helps HMSHost achieve goals in the following manner:
  • Identify additional target organizations & alliances to join, support or participate in; become a collaborative voice to develop realistic solutions.
  • Increase depth of HMSHost’s knowledge of sustainability issues, potential solutions and external resources.
  • Identify additional best practices (internal and external) and communicate across our system.
Perry Kranias of HMSHost  -
"start somewhere" program signage
@ Tampa Airport
  • Get acknowledgement for our progress.
It is inspiring to work with Linda and her team - as individuals they are driven by personal integrity and as corporate associates they are backed by their company's stated mission.  Stay tuned for many exciting tales from the journey with HMSHost.

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