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Monday, February 14, 2011

OFFICIAL: City of Atlanta Lends ZWZ Support

Last month ZWZ announced the City of Atlanta supports the program by joining as a participant in the blog post,City of Atlanta Commits to ZWZ .  Today the City gave its official stamp of support with their press release:  CITY OF ATLANTA LENDS SUPPORT TO ZERO WASTE ZONE.

How wonderful for Mandy Mahoney, Director of Sustainability for the City of state, "Supporting Zero Waste Zones benefits the environment, local businesses and will ensure long-term cost savings for city government and the community through promoting best practices that minimize waste and recover valuable materials for reuse,” 

Mayor Kasim Reed gives a broad view with his support: "“The city’s support of Zero Waste Zones illustrates our commitment to moving Atlanta toward becoming a top 10 city for sustainability. One critical step in this process is to develop a viable zero-waste plan that will create green jobs and reduce the green house gas emissions of discarded materials. ZWZ complements our zero-waste plan and vision and is the economically and ecologically right thing to do for the city.”

Zero Waste Zones are honored to contribute to the City of Atlanta achieving its status of a top 10 city for sustainability.  Stay tuned as the ZWZ Team shares the tales from the phenomenal journey of blazing the trails of personal and environmental stewardship.

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