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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last week Holly gave a ZWZ presentation to the Department of Natural Resources Board of Directors and included impressive composting stats from several ZWZ participants.

Only considering the below ZWZ Participants, in September 152 tons of food residuals went to Greenco for composting instead of a landfill. Thanks to the GA Department of Community Affairs, the ZWZ has access to an impressive tracking system. In the next several months we can report the amount of recycling and composting submitted by zone participants.

Another benefit of tracking the amount of recoverable products (glass, paper, plastic & metals) and perishable organics (food residuals, waxed cardboard, parchment paper, paper towels and others) recycled or composted is the focus on the disposal stream. Why is so much product “thrown away”? Was it necessary to purchase so much?

Note FreshPoint is a foodservice industry vendor and is an example of the vertical ZWZ impact. As a GFA sponsor, FreshPoint is an active participant in bringing sustainable practices to their internal operations. FreshPoint is also spearheading efforts to create viable distribution channels for delivering local produce to the foodservice industry.

The thread of consistency through all GFA projects is source reduction: taking action where operators purchase excess material or use unnecessary energy.

Zero Waste Zones are the beginning and an exciting beginning!

September 09 ~ 2.58 tons
April to YTD ~ 10.64 tons
2009 total estimate ~ 28 tons

September 09 ~ 23.51 tons
April to YTD ~ 162 tons
Annual Estimate ~ 277.5 tons

September 09 ~ 11.1 tons (three restaurants/one catering operation)
YTD ~20.6 tons (ecco only)
Annual Estimate ~ 210 tons (four restaurants/one catering operation)

September 09 ~ 2.45 tons
June – October 15 09 ~ 11.95 tons
Annual Estimate ~ 46.25 tons

September 09 ~ 112.4 tons
July to Current ~ 230.50 tons

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