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Sunday, February 24, 2013

ZWA Blog Hits 75,000 Pageview Milestone!

Yesterday the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog surpassed the 75,000 pageviews after hovering at 74,999 for awhile!  Launched in 2009 along with the Zero Waste Zones program, the ZWA Blog grew into a powerful industry communication tool.  Committed to sharing success stories and challenges from an empowering viewpoint, the niche blog quickly earned industry respect and a strong following.

In 2010 The IMPACT Blog launched to share Elemental Impact work in areas other than zero waste. Realizing the power of a cyberspace network, Ei participates in social media venues frequented by the targeted audience.  

The Ei FaceBook page is an excellent venue to share blog posts, Ei Partner activity and industry news. Understanding the value of visual communication, the Ei FB page has an impressive 60+ album inventory complete with detailed descriptions. In general, each album supports a blog post.  

LinkedIN is an amazing and effective business tool. Once Ei founder Holly Elmore started sharing blog posts via group discussions, the blog readership escalated significantly. Although Ei has a LinkedIN profile, posts are via Holly's personal account. In addition, many dynamic relationships resulted from LinkedIN interactions.  

Zero Waste Icon Scott Lutocka 
For instance, zero waste icon Scott Lutocka of Piazza Produce was a connection from the LinkedIN Zero Waste International Group. Scott joined the ZWZ and started serving as an Ei industry expert from his hands-on zero waste success. The ZWA post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport, gives an overview of the Ei Piazza Produce tour as well as introduces the WE Consciousness.

In the last six months Ei entered the Twitter world via active participation. Immediately, blog post readership once again escalated. Beyond building the cyberspace network, Twitter is an excellent vehicle to keep current in industry news. It is also an easy, effective avenue to celebrate success with a simple "favorite" and|or "retweet".

The Ei Pinterest page includes twelve category boards with 200+ "pins." Each board represents a subject category with ZWA and The IMPACT Blog posts "pinned" on appropriate boards in reverse chronological order. Although specific following is interesting, blog readership  escalated when the Pinterest Boards were complete. Pinterest appears to enhance optimal search engine placement. 

Communication and media is evolving from the printed word to on-line vehicles . For impact,  it is important to create a cyberspace communication network. Blogs and websites are the grounded focal point with the other vehicles driving traffic via quick snippets within the network.

Thank you for your support in building the ZWA Blog readership foundation - now let's together build the network! You are invited to join us with "likes" on FB, "connections" on LinkedIN, and "follows" on Twitter and Pinterest.  


  1. Holly, this is quite a significant milestone that Elemental Impact has surpassed! I appreciate not only your vision but your passion as well! You also have wonderful support and encouragement from your Board of Directors.

    You've demonstrated what can be achieved and continue to serve as an inspiration for what is yet to be achieved in the Sustainability arena.

    I also appreciate your support and recognition for our achievements at Piazza Produce. For those who are still on the fence waiting to pull the trigger to begin their Zero Waste Journey, let me encourage you to start TODAY! The tools and resources are readily available to use but you must take that first step and begin the process: reducing wastes, re-using assets and resources, comprehensive recycling, e-recycling, food rescue, or commercial composting. Through our Zero Waste Journey (and we're still on it by the way...), we've also enjoyed some intangible benefits that we would have otherwise missed out on. Community awards, professional awards, as well as financial Grants (who couldn't use $191,000 for new energy efficient lighting projects?) are just a few of the notable mentions.

    Having good Sustainability practices isn't just a fad that's here today and gone tomorrow. It's essential for good business practices, the environment and its limited world resources, and the community.

    1. Thanks Scott - so appreciate our connection, your expertise and your unwavering support! YOU are a powerful communicator and Ei is thrilled to share your messages as you join the cyberspace networks with your own blog and other vehicles. Thank you for being exactly who you are!!!!

  2. Congratulations Holly! It's always great to hear what's going on in the ZWZ community and how quickly it's growing!

    1. Thanks Travis - for more info on Ei's zero waste initiatives - see The IMPACT Blog, Ei Yr Three in Review, - the picture you took at the Elizabeth Royte lunch is included! ATR is also mentioned in the media section. Here is the link: