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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is Recycling Sexy?!!

Laura @ podium proclaiming:
"Recycling is Sexy!"
At a recent City of Atlanta press conference, Laura Turner Seydel announced "Recycling is Sexy!" Several subsequent  speakers were clear about their confusion with Laura's profound statement. QUESTION: Is Recycling Sexy?

According to most on-line definitions, sexy refers to highly appealing, attractive and interesting.  

The ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport, establishes the consciousness shifts necessary to succeed in zero waste initiatives, including a "WE" focus.  In general, those embracing the "WE" instead of the "I" living mode of the recent past, are those who value their quality of life and health.  In addition to embracing recycling, these individuals tend to exercise, eat nutritious food and often live an interesting life style.  Hmmm.... sounds like "sexy folks!" These are points made my Laura at the press conference podium in her points on recycling is sexy.

Mayor Reed at the podium
The City of Atlanta, Office of Sustainability is embracing the power of "WE" with their September 18 announcement that 65,000 households will receive new 96-gallon recycling carts to replace the previous much smaller 18-gallon bins.  Beginning in mid-October, the carts will be delivered at a rate of 1,000 per day. With 30,000 Atlanta residents already using the 96-gallon carts, the entire 95,000 households serviced by the City's curbside recycling program will have the new, larger carts.

Working together, the City invested in the larger carts answering a collective call for increased recycling availability at the household level. In return, the City will reduce waste costs resulting in an overall WIN for the community - one of the premises of the "WE" consciousness.

Atlanta "WE" Team
honored at the press conference
(album gives names) 
During her podium time, City of Atlanta director of sustainability Denise Quarles honored the collective zero waste efforts in-place within the community with specific organization and individual mention. Atlanta Recycles, Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Elemental Impact, Georgia Recycling Coalition, Sustainable Atlanta and the U.S. EPA, Region IV were included in those recognized for past success and future collaboration with the City. Denise understands it is the "WE" consciousness that brings a community together for a common cause.

Denise and Laura shared podium time with Mayor Kasim Reed, Council Member Aaron Watson, City Chief Operating Office Duriya Farooqui, and City Deputy Commissioner of Public Works Dexter White. The stellar press conference team indicates the importance the City places on their recycling and sustainability commitment.
Sustainability All-Stars Lauren Dofort
& Tim Trefzer - looking "sexy"

Elemental Impact is honored to join the City's ":WE" team.  With the Sustainable Food Court Initiative and other programs, Ei's zero waste initiatives within the corporate community are a strong contributor to the City's overall sustainability goals. 

The Ei FB album, 09-18-12 City of ATL Recycling Press Conference, gives a pictorial recap of the "WE" consciousness evident among Atlanta's sustainability community.  

From Ei's perspective, recycling is highly appealing, attractive and interesting.  ANSWER: Yes, Recycling is sexy, very sexy!  Laura, thank you for pointing out the obvious in your press conference talk.  By the way, YOU are also sexy!

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