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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Waste Management Educates on Zero Waste

Wow ~ how thrilling to witness the nation's largest waste hauler's enthusiasm to embrace zero waste initiatives! In their fourth quarter, 2010 management meetings for the Area (GA, SC, NC), Waste Management Area VP Greg Yorston invited Holly Elmore, ZWZ Director, to educate his team on the importance of zero waste initiatives.

During the three sessions, the WM management attendees were beyond attentive with lively dialogue and pertinent questions.  Greg emphasized the tonnage of the stream (revenue) lost by WM and the importance of embracing organics collection as part of the WM business model.

Holly's presentation focussed on how the ZWZ program made good business sense and was not supported by government regulations or subsidies.  Zero waste initiatives embrace ALL commodities currently hauled to landfills and in 2011 will focus on the "glass dilemma".  

Approaching the changing business environment with a long-term focus, WM executives are steering the company into the unchartered waters of the zero waste environment.  With control of the disposal collection stream critical to overall profit generation, WM understands a R-R (re-purpose, recycle) destination point is vital to maintaining a long-term relationship with their clients.  Recent investments in Harvest Power and Garrick, substantiate WM's national focus on a highest good use of organics as an energy source or compost for rejuvenating the soil.

WM’s commitment comes from the top ., David Steiner, WM CEO, looks to the future and sees one without waste, and has committed to seize every opportunity to turn waste into a resource that benefits our communities and the environment

The tides are turning and with visionaries like Greg Yorston, supported by industry CEOs, Ei and ZWZ visions will become realities with ease and grace in an environment that makes solid business sense. 

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