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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zero Waste Practices = Increased Green Dollars

"Going Green" makes an impact on both ROI - Return on Investment - and the Big R - Revenue. As energy conservation and waste reduction operating practices are becoming common place, companies realize that many of the "going green" initiatives are cost-neutral to cost-savings, with minimal to no upfront investments. From the revenue standpoint, consumers, whether personal or corporate, are voting with their dollars and spending with companies who walk the green talk.

A recent article on featured caterers from around the country whose green practices paid dividends in their profitability. ZWZ-Caterers Champion Patrick Cuccaro of Affairs to Remember is quoted in the article about how their sustainable practices won ATR a 3,300 compostable meals contract for Atlanta's Green Concert.

According to Cuccaro,the customer spent more money on meals this year to ensure integrity of the food provided. In addition to the compostable packaging, all prep food residuals were also collected for composting at ATR's kitchen as part of their zero waste practices.

Ei Sponsor Whitten Management handled the custodial services for the Green Concert and hauled all compostable items, including the packaging for the 3,300 meals, to Greenco Environmental for composting.

Click here to read the complete article and learn about initiatives in other parts of the nation..

Thanks to our pioneers, Atlanta is trailblazing the pathways to sustainable corporate practices.

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  1. Nice blog. Sounds like Atlanta is doing some great work!

    @BrookeBF from @RecycleMatch