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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Join the Cork ReHarvest Movement

Since it's 2008 inception, Cork ReHarvest has led the cork recycling movement in the US and Canada, helping to collect and recycle some of the 13 billion natural corks produced each year. Visit the Cork ReHarvest website to learn why it is important from environmental, economic and social consciousness perspectives to purchase wines with cork closures and participate in the Cork ReHarvest program.

The Cork ReHarvest Mission is: Our organization is dedicated to the protection and sustainability of the Mediterranean cork forests and the families, who for generations have farmed these forests. Visit the About Us page for more details on the mission and progr

The wine industry in many countries, especially Australia and New Zealand, embraces the use of screw caps over corks for their wines. On the FAQ page learn: In comparison to a natural co
rk, 24 times more greenhouse gasses are released and over 10 times more energy is used when making one screw cap.

Whole Foods joined the Cork ReHarvest program nationwide. Consumers may save corks from their home wine enjoyment and take them to the collection bins at their local Whole Foods for reharvesting.

foodservice operators serving wine to join the Cork ReHarvest program. With the environmental, economic and social impact the program is a simple way to enhance the journey on the sustainable path.

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