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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Quiet Hero Speaks

At the May, 2010 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, our Hero made his debut in a 90 minute session Compost: The Quiet Hero presented by Holly Elmore, Elemental Impact Founder & CEO and ZWZ Director. Via Holly, our Hero educated the well-attended session about:
· WHY it is important to divert organic matter from landfills (hint: the methane gas produced by organic material in landfills is 20 – 25 times more potent to Green House Gases than carbon dioxide) Note only 2.5% of the 31.8 million tons of food waste generated in the U.S. is composted; the remaining 30.1 million tons is sent to landfills. This is the equivalent of 5.2 million cars on the road.
· Compost 101: HOW compost rejuvenates and feeds the soil, a living, breathing eco-system.
· Benefits of Compost: filters storm water, restores soil ecology, enhances water retention, assists in soil erosion
· YIKES: Sediment is the #1 water pollutant ~ costs $44 billion per year
· Basic Human Survival: 1> breathing air 2> drinking water 3> eating nutritious food ~ the Quiet Hero, with his innate heroism, supports each survival criteria.
· Closing the Loop ~ with the Hero’s assistance, ZWZ participants grow food on-site, using compost, and overcome the challenges of urban agriculture

ZWZ ~ the foodservice industry produces a valuable asset: food residuals, which contributes nitrogen to the compost recipe. ZWZ mobilize the foodservice industry to collect their food residuals for compost, instead of sending the asset to landfills.
To learn more about the Quiet Hero’s debut, download the NRA Show PPT for detailed information.
Remember the work is just beginning, STAY TUNED as The Quiet Hero continues to educate on the importance of diversion of organics from landfills and the role compost plays in feeding the hungry nutrition.

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