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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Zero Waste Zones are on the expansion path, with ZWZ~Buckhead paving the way. Dave Rossman General Manager with the Doubletree is the Zone Champion and already meets Phase I Criteria.
Sam Massell of the Buckhead
Coalition Speaking @ the Launch

On Tuesday, May 19 the Buckhead Coalition and the Buckhead Life Group sponsored a ZWZ~Buckhead Participants Meeting. With over 60 restaurateurs and hoteliers in attendance, the event was a huge success! Genki noodles sushi signed their ZWZ pledge on the spot.

Laura Turner Seydel,
ZWZ Chairperson

The Green Musketeers are using the ZWZ~Buckhead as a prototype to develop an expansion template for the many other interested areas. The ZWZ~Caterers Participants Meeting is schedule for Wednesday, June 17 at Affairs to Remember Catering.

Zones are in the works for Midtown, Decatur, Athens, Milton and Academia.

Roy Edwards, Mary Beth Van Pelt,
Abbey Patterson, Ron Wolf, Holly
Elmore, Laura Turner Seydel &
Rob Del Bueno

Stay tuned for the great news as the new zones are launched!

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